I Love Food. That’s all.

Ok. Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for–or at least the moment I’ve been waiting for. My very first blog post. And let me start by telling you all there are few things more daunting or exhilarating than a blank page and a blinking cursor. The annoying little thing just keeps staring you in the face and it won’t go away (talk about a reason to stress eat)! But my mom taught me better than that, so I’ll hold off on the chocolate and ice cream for now. And I’ll just start by giving you all a little background into my life and the origins of this blog.

I confess, I started this blog as a class assignment, which feels sort of like a cop-out; but in all honesty it was something that I had been thinking about for a while. I love writing, it’s both therapeutic and thrilling for me. I always tell people that I was the awkward girl in high school who got an adrenaline rush writing the AP English Language exam essays. I mean, I was literally sitting in my desk heart pounding, giggling at my theses, and savoring the little pencil blisters I could feel coming in. I know that sounds weird, but really who else would you want behind the screen?

Other than being weirdly passionate about writing, I’m a pretty uninteresting person (great way to market my personal blog, I know). ┬áBut those who know me, know that the one thing that really gets me pumped is food! All things food! Where it comes from, how to make it, the best places to get it. I love all things food. So combine love number one (writing) with love number two (food) and you get a food blog, and in my case, thats Beginning With Bread.

I’m not planning on making millions and millions of dollars with this blog, or anything like that. I just want to share my love with as many people as possible and interact with other people who share a passion for food. So with that on the table you can expect to find posts about my favorite restaurants, some recipes I have tried out for myself, my favorite chefs and cooking shows, and along with all those “favorites” I’ll share some not-so “favorites” too, just to keep things balanced.

So now you know a bit about me and what I love. Maybe it interests you, maybe it doesn’t and that’s ok! I still love food and I still want to write about it. And like all good things, it begins with bread.